My name is Hazel P-K of Toronto, Canada and I am a reiki master. I became a reiki master because of my compassion for others. I felt a calling to unleash the profound caring inside me for people, animals and the world. Besides being a reiki master I have always loved creating art. I do calligraphy, poetry, abstract art, and singing. An idea came to me one day to combine these loves of mine and fuse them into one. So now my focus is on creating a space for others to feel safe, healed and nurtured through my reiki infused art or reiki treatments.


I achieved master level in Reiki Tummo in March of 2008. Ever since then I have been practising reiki on people as well as animals (cats, rabbits, horses, dogs). I consider reiki to be an essential skill in my tool belt for life.  Read here about how Reiki Tummo is different.

In 2016 I completed Module 1 and 2 of the the Foundations classes for Eden Energy Medicine (EEM). EEM integrates several health practices from acupressure, yoga and qi gong.  It is complimentary to conventional Western medical care. I used it to help my body heal quicker after I had gall bladder removal surgery in July 2016. EEM helps a person learn how to understand and work with their body’s electromagnetic and subtle energies. How does this help? It can help to increase your vitality if you’re feeling blah, it can help prevent and correct energy imbalances, and it can also enhance your general health and state of mind.

In 2018 I completed some self-development courses from Landmark Worldwide. So far I have completed the Forum, and the Advanced Course. In October 2018 I will be starting the Self-Expression Leadership Program. I have found Landmark very beneficial for my self-development.

Header image: Spiral of Life by Hazel PK.